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Development of the official website is an important stage for both a multicorporate enterprise and a small company. A website is a type of a trip ticket to the Internet community. Thanks to a company platform, it will be easier to promote manufactured goods, establish profitable partnerships, improve the brand awareness online.

Websites has a huge potential. Therefore, it is important that the management of the company treats seriously the creation of the web-resource. The more wishes are expressed at the very beginning of a portal development, the more functional and aesthetic will be the final result.

Unique design
We’ll build a unique design for your corporate image, or come up with a new one.
Set up of web hosting
We’ll help you in setting up your website hosting. We also have our own hosting.
Each client will be provided with personal advice.
Help with domain registration
We’ll help you with domain registration, transfer of an old one, return a lost domain, or buy a new one.
Text translation
We cooperate with a translation agency. It’s possible to order translations in more than 20 languages.
Redesign of the website
We’ll redesign your old website. We’ll update your website to adhere to modern design principles.
Website security
We’ll set up site security, protection against hacking.
All websites come with a 2-year warranty. If the website is hacked, we’ll recover it for free.

Website development

Not so long ago many small companies did not even consider it necessary to have a website. During the pandemic, many entrepreneurs revised their approach and realized the need to promote their website to continue receiving orders and earn. Commercial activity and Internet have become synonyms. If you still have no website or it needs to be updated, then you should not procrastinate since competition is increasing too fast. While you are thinking, defter competitors earn and get a new client base.

We are ready to undertake the web-development of a corporate site from scratch. If necessary, we will help to develop a corporate identity. If it is already approved, then the web page design will be developed adhering to the selected colors range. We always treat with attention all the wishes of our customers.

4 reasons to order development of a website in our website design company

Website development is a task requiring not only knowledge in marketing, but also creativity from the developers of a web development agency. Several important factors influence the process of a website development:
● the field of the company activity;
● potential audience and its interests;
● the goal of the site creation (increase sales, business card website, etc.).

Ensured maintenance after launching
We are ready to bear the responsibility for the technical support of the websites we create. This includes: hosting services, updates of plugins, elimination of other problems.
We work fast
We have a team of real professionals. The web design and development has been arranged in such a way that any projects - from business card websites to serious multifeatured portals - can be completed in a short time.
Affordable prices
We offer attractive prices to our customers. The cost depends on the complexity of the features, the web designer solution, number of pages.
Our websites are easy to manage
We create corporate websites based on modern CMS (content management systems). Any confident user can update their content.

Types of websites that we develop

Online store

Online stores are developed to organize online commerce. As a rule, an online store consists of a large number of pages. On each page there are several photos of goods made from different angles and a detailed description. It needs technical support and competent promotion in search engines.

Corporate website

The corporate site is the company's "image", a convenient communication channel with clients and an effective brand-building tool, promoting goods and services. Creating a corporate site allows you to attract the attention of new customers and support interest of the existing ones. For the first category, it is a presentation of the company, and for the second category - information source as regards current proposals, rates, shares, etc.

Business card website

A simple small business card website is an inexpensive offer. Both companies and individuals earning in the Internet tend to order such websites. For example, such customers are doctors who have a private practice or tutors. Business card websites are distinguished by simple but pleasant and responsive design.

Landing page

We recommend to order a landing page when you need to offer specific items to potential customers. As a rule, this page sells directly. Therefore, you need to describe the product or service as accurately as possible, but at the same time to present it well. We specially develop a catchy design that attracts the attention of the target audience.

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