SMM-marketing — business promotion on social media

SMM promotion on social media — is an efficient and comparatively inexpensive marketing strategy. It resolves a range of business tasks: starting with increased brand awareness and finishing with direct sales.

What is SMM-marketing

SMM-promotion, a type of internet marketing, plays an important role in business promotion. Its essence is to stay in touch with the target audience through messengers and social networks accounts. Business pages in Facebook and Instagram allow solving a wide range of marketing tasks with minimal costs. Large multi-industry companies and small one-industry specialized firms use this method to attract traffic to their websites, increasing their ranking in search engines due to SEO optimisation, advertising their goods and services.

Benefits of SMM-promotion on social media

Increase of brand awareness

The social networks are capable to spread information about the brand to a wide audience. In this way consumers get to know the brand products and distinguish them from other numerous products of competitors. This has a positive impact on sales volumes: people are more willing to buy things of a brand they know well.

Keeping your clients

Professional SMM-promotion in Instagram and other social networks are vital for staying in touch with clients, increasing their loyalty to the brand, informing about promotions, discounts and new products. These measures allow to create a stable consumer audience.

Constant feedback and contact with consumers

Social networks are open platforms for communication, where people actively express their opinion, leaving their reviews about your products and services as well. Studying carefully the customers' reviews, marketing specialists find ways to optimize or improve a product or a service.

Increased client’s confidence

Continuous dialogue, regular posts of new content, reports about promotions and discounts demonstrate the company's openness, its care about the interests of their clients. This demonstrates seriousness of the company's intentions, helps to conquer confidence of people, consolidate the positive image of the brand in their consciousness.

Attract attention to a new product or service

SMM-promotion of your website or product is an efficient way to spread information about new products. It helps to show benefits of your product or service, get the users interested, find the first clients and create demand.

Creating a positive image of your company

Agency engaged for SMM-promotion shall pay close attention to branding - informing the consumers of the trademark main concept, its corporate identity. This is done to create pleasant associations in the potential customers perception about the name of the company, its logo, slogan and products. After all, people buy goods not only for its functions, but also for prestige.

SMM-promotion on
popular social networks

Interesting, and useful content for the customers is just one component of a successful promotion campaign. SMM-promotion also depends on attracting and retaining an active users' audience. Marketing specialists shall interest subscribers and create their loyalty with the help of topic-related hashtags, quizzes with awards, paid posts and interesting stories.

Promotion in Facebook is suitable for almost all types of activities. After all, more than one billion people use this social network as a platform for communication. There are many active, successful people among its users: businessmen, politicians, representatives of creative professions. On this platform, you can post long information texts and news feeds, graphic and video materials. Promotion in Facebook is ensured with the help of business pages, groups and communities.
Instagram promotion is based on visual content. That is why it fits better for advertising clothes, jewels and bijouterie, tourist destinations and design works. The audience of this social network is young: most users have not reached the age of 35 years. Promotion in Instagram begins with the creation of a bright, memorable profile, the links from which lead to the optimised website, a catalogue or a landing page.

Stages of business promotion on the social

Market analysis. A portrait of the target audience is created, its needs and preference are identified, it is determined which online platforms are suitable for promoting of the goods in question. The most efficient content presentation format is selected.

Development of an SMM strategy. Given the subject and the business field,  a clear plan is  developed. It indicates the topics and related content format, frequency of posts, the categories of costs.

Customization of targeted ads. The prices for SMM-promotion are quite high, but it quickly pays back due to sales growth. The result is achieved through the advertising to interested (ready for purchase) users only.

Administering accounts in social networks. Creation, designing, filling with content the website pages, and subsequent moderation of the optimised website. Feedback and dialogue with users are continuously maintained.

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