Brand Identity

The importance of a graphic design of a website in the company’s marketing activity can hardly be overestimated, since it acts as a powerful means of forming an image, creating personal branding, improving the perception and memorization of the company’s logo, and design of its corporate identity and its rebranding when it becomes necessary. The site can become the main channel for promoting information about the company and a platform for selling products and services.

Elements of creating a corporate identity

Logo creations form the foundation of graphic design. They are a unique combination of the name and the trademark, expressed by means of graphics. A successful logo design can significantly increase the effectiveness of advertising, raise the company’s image and influence its perception by the consumer.

The cost of developing an identity (branding system) by a branding company depends on the complexity of the chosen brand creation system: the number of samples created, the shape and type of media, as well as graphic elements: fonts, color combinations, special shapes, lines, graphic techniques, slogans that promote the company’s ideas and disclose its mission.

Professional tools that we use




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Creating a brand with graphics tools

In the development process, the corporate identity is reflected through a system of elements that disclose and emphasize the company’s main idea, goal and mission. These include fonts, graphics, color, arrangement of elements that should be nice, understandable and user friendly.

When developing a website, a brand shall serve specific and clear purposes: 

To distinguish the company’s activities against the background of competitors

To emphasize the merits of the company and its products

To form exclusive associations

An attractive image of the brand shall be easily memorized, affect its recognition, form a positive attitude towards the company’s values, convey the desired image and main ideas. We combine all the design elements to push the buyer to make a purchase. 

When designing a site, we combine all the elements of the brand into a clear and understandable system of interaction with the target audience so that the potential client will experience convincing and positive emotions and make a choice in favor of the proposed product or service.

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