Graphic design (visual design)

Visual design is an art of conveying ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. This is a design that makes your product, service, brand or company instantly recognizable.

Business card




Car design

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Branding (corporate identity) combines all the elements that identify a company and visually distinguish it from others. These include a logo, a business card, a letterhead or an envelope, a booklet, a poster and a placard. No branding element is created without taking into account the others. It is conceived so that the target customer, when encountering the brand for the first time, could subsequently identify you and your products at a glance.

Corporate identity

The modern world brings a potential customer into branding through several control points. So, you get acquainted with the airline’s corporate identity on its website, when booking a ticket. You can see its logo on the ticket, on the aircraft fuselage, on the flight attendants’ uniform, on the napkins and magazines in the cabin. When developing your corporate identity, we are always ready to consider your company’s control points. This will help your company to ensure a longer relationship with the target customer.